Project Planner

Pre-planning is an invaluable tool that will help you maximize time and help Cabinetry Concepts set a direction for your initial meeting with our consultant. This is important first of all because it will enable us to develop a workable schedule to keep your project on task. Secondly, we can help you understand all options regarding the cost of your project for cabinetry, countertop and accessory selections. Your satisfaction is our number one priority and this tool is an important first step in generating a timeline and ensuring that you are thrilled with the final outcome.

The 3 F’s

– Form (visual appeal)
– Function (utilization)
– Finance (budget)

These are three key driving forces that will affect the decisions you make in your custom cabinetry project. It is your privilege to decide just how much of an impact each of them will have. A good first step is to consider the vision you have for your project and then prioritize the 3 F’s.

The Big Three!

– Wood specie
– Door style
– Finished look
These three pieces of the cabinetry puzzle will be the heart and soul of how your cabinets will look when finished. They will also tie into your flooring and countertop choices, so it’s important to make sure you make decisions at your pace, no need to rush!

Accessories and Options

– Drawer and door options
– Interior features
– Storage and access
So many choices! Soft-close drawer and door options are a great way to keep a room quieter. Appliance lifts, tray dividers and warm colored interiors provide organization and upgraded looks. Pull-out shelves and double-bin cabinets, spice racks, Lazy Susan’s and over-sized drawers are all enhancements to cabinetry everyone should consider.


– Glass door panels
– Decorative stiles and rails
– Staggered heights and depths
Cabinetry collections can be dressed up with a few treatments, or made formal with extensive additions. Most often just a touch of glass or a decorative accent piece of trim adds the right finishing element.


Appliance Specifications

New appliance manufacturer’s cut-out dimensions and clearances are needed to craft your cabinetry to make a perfect and safe fit. These are found on the Specifications page of the appliance manual.

Free Standing Appliances (refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, microwave, washer and dryer, etc.)
– Appliance width, height and depth of each
– Depth of handles
– Any side, back or top clearances required

Built-In Appliances (refrigerator, oven, cooktops and microwave, etc.)
– Cabinet cut-out dimensions: width, height and depth
– Any side, back or top clearances required

Appliance Panels
– Complete building and installation instructions

Farm Sinks
– All measurements on the specification page.
– To ensure proper fit. we require farm sinks to be delivered to our cabinetry shop before cabinet making begins.